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  • Jessica Randall

Welcome to the Summit!

We had a great experience at the Herbicide Educational Forum last Thursday (9/26), and a few surprises! First, a big THANK YOU to our courageous presenters:

Coca Sanchez... an organic landscaper who reminded us to think differently about weeds and showed us how to use healthier herbicides. Margaret Tufft, Tom DeBor and Carol Price... from the Kitsap Environmental Coalition, told us about the energy they have put toward defending their County from aerial herbicide application. Go KEC! Joost Besijn... from The Noxious Weed Control Board, told us about their struggle to control invasive species such as knotweed and canary reed grass. Al Latham... from The Jefferson Conservation District, told us about the history of the JCD and of its efforts over the years of restoring wetlands and reforestation. Malloree Weinheimer... from Chickadee Forestry, gave us the low down on forestry without chemical herbicides, and how we can change our habits as consumers to bend the industry toward healthier practices. Richard Lewis... Entomologist and big-picture thinker, who is applying his scientific background with his humanity, and stressed the importance for all of us to take climate change and species loss very, very seriously. Mike McClure... a retired PUD #1 Supervisor and Manager for more than 24 years, told us about his experience with keeping our waters clean in this beautiful and complex environment. Barbara Foster... supplied the movie, "Behind the Emerald Curtain" and meeter and greeter. Thanks Barbara! And thank you to our other volunteers and coordinators... 💜

And for our surprises...

We have been approached to take on another Conservation Emergency... stay tuned! (Don't worry, we will be continuing on this journey as well. Please contact us if you would like to be a part of it.

Malloree Weinheimer, Chickadee Forestry

The biggest thing I noticed... which happened throughout the entire evening, but especially when we opened the mic up for intros... There is a huge desire to work together for this environment. Everyone who showed up, presenters and a few of our participants, engaged in a discussion about how we can make this a healthier environment. All of our presenters are specialists, and don't get much opportunity to collaborate with other specialists. Wendi and I really felt the Hive Mind buzzing. We see this as a place where our organization can really be helpful: strengthening the public voice for the environment's well-being by creating a place where all of our experienced practitioners can come together to cure the diseases that plague us. Like an integrated health care team...(Sorry, my medical side is coming out.) It was a great thing to hear everyone in a respectful discourse. We can do it!

Another surprise were visits from two of our County Commissioners, Kate Dean and Greg Brotherton. Thank you!

And we did have a couple of infiltrators... Welcome! I hope you were able to learn something.

our best to you,

Jessica and Wendi

P.S. I think our "Donate" button is finally working on our website ( 😉

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